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Meet Our Purpose:  Alex Bradford

Alex lived a life full of family, friends, and fun. He lived every moment to the fullest and had big dreams for his life. To know Alex was to know his love of baseball, family, and food. Alex played baseball, watched baseball, and knew more baseball stats than most Hall of Famers. He kept book during many World Series and broke tons of fence boards playing home run derby in the backyard. His love for the game was immeasurable. Alex loved his family and friends fiercely. He would be the first to pick on you and the first to have your back. If you were in Alex's circle, you knew it, usually by an invite to Sonic or Bojangles. 


Although he was surrounded and full of love, Alex struggled with mental health and the stressors of being an Army kid who had experienced more loss and change than he could handle. Like many, Alex turned to drugs as an outlet for those stresses. Alex wasn't an addict, but he used it in order to escape his stress when it was too much. On March 30th, 2022, Alex turned to drugs, and without his knowledge, it was laced with fentanyl that took his life. 

Alex doesn't get one more at-bat, but we are stepping into the batter's box to help people rally back from the troubles they are facing. Nobody wins a game alone, and we are here to be a part of that team that will save a life and keep Alex's memory alive.


We want to hear your best Alex stories and memories. Please feel free to submit your best story or memory of our beloved Alex. #LLAB

Thanks for submitting your memory! #LLAB

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